CSX Corporation SWOT Analysis

The CSX Corporation was founded in 1980 which is based on the industry of transport. The company is headquartered in the Jacksonville, Florida, U.S and is operated and executed by the President and CEO of the company Michael J. Ward.  The company is serving its products and services in the Eastern United States. The company is engaged in selling the services like the rail road transport.

SWOT Analysis of CSX Corporation

CSX Strengths

• The company is attaining strong position in the providing barriers and hurdles in case of entrance in the regional market.

• The company has a very strong position in the performance of the operational services network.

• The financial position of the company is also very strong that leads the company to appropriate profitability from generated sales.

• The company is very much strong in the performance of the operations like of the of tasks forces.

• The strong management team is there in the company that controls all the work efficiently that leads the company to success.

CSX Weaknesses

• The company is experiencing the lack in the scale as compared to its competitors company.

• The company is more dependent and relies on the labor force which at some extent decreases in their efficiency.

• The company has a very weak level of performance among the divisions made by the company in various sectors and allocations.

• The research and development sector within the company is comparatively weak then that of the others existing in the market.

• The technological aspects involve in the production and manufacturing of goods and services are not much advanced that decreases the efficiency of the company’s production.

CSX Opportunities

• The growth and expansion of the company in the North America where there is a lot of interest of customers in the development of vehicle market.

• There are a lot of opportunities in the positive point of view to consider the aspects of the agriculture region of the U.S.

• The day by day increase in the demand for the coal in the United States is the better opportunity for the customers.

• There is very less supply of truck drivers that are present in the market.

• As the expansion in the Panama Canal is the opportunity for the company to expand its services as well as the business itself.

• The decrease in the process of fuel is very much advantageous for the company to increase its profitability and growth rate margin.

CSX Threats

• Economic crisis and slow down in the economy of the United States is the major threat for the company in order to decrease the expansion.
• Intense and hard competition is faced by the company as from its competitors in various sorts of actions.
• The increase and fries in the prices of fuel is the big issue that increases in the factors of cost of production.
• The occurrence of the price war in the market that directly affects the cost and profitability of the company.


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