SWOT Analysis of Xylo Mahindra

The Xylo Mahindra is the subsidiary company and Mahindra & Mahindra is the parent company. The Xylo is the compact MPV, which is manufactured and designed by the parent company. Xylo was founded at Nashik on January, 2009. The five variants are D4, D2, H8, H9, and H6 are available till 2015.  Approximately over 3000 units of the Xylo got sold in the first month of the sales, right after the launch in 2009. It needs very efficient strategies and heavy investment to be successful in the industry (Xylo, 2018). It consistently do the analysis both internally and externally with the help of SWOT analysis. Here is the SWOT analysis of Xylo-Mahindra;


There are many strengths of the Xylo-Mahindra, and more preferable by people. It has the power of the SUV joint with the Sedan’s luxury. It has the brand visibility and good advertising. This helps in reaching to the wide audience and approach many people. The target audience is wide which helps in increasing the sales and developing the brand image of the company and the products. It has comparatively the low maintenance- MUV, this is the good point and helps in increasing the revenue streams (MBA skool, 2018).


Despite of having many strengths which helps in building the strong brand visibility in the industry, there are also some weaknesses that needs to be cater down by the Xylo. It has very limited market growth and share in the SUV market. It has also been seen that Xylo has the effortless acceleration, which stops it from growing or diversifying. Because of limited market share, it is not able to grow and expand itself geographically (Arif, 2013).


It is necessary for Xylo to maintain its leading position in the industry and needs to effectively take the initiatives that are beneficial for the company success. It should avail the opportunity of growing the target audience and must increase the purchasing power of the people by making the products more affordable. It should bring new innovations, as with the latest technologies and trends it should upgrade its products. Xylo also needs to leverage the strong image and name of the brand with the help of different advertising modes (Arif, 2013). 


It is the external factor that Xylo needs to consider in order to achieve its strategic objectives, it has to face the threat from intense competition in the industry, which can stop it in achieving the objective. There are much improvement in the public transport, which force the individuals to use them rather than private cars. The regulations of the government and the fuel prices also become the threat for the company (MBA skool, 2018).


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