SWOT Analysis of Yoga

Yoga is a combination of the psychological, devotional and physical discipline that was practiced in India initially. It is practiced in various manners for making the individual active externally and internally. It has many type like power yoga, Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, and the classical yoga. The main principle of the yoga is the meditation to discover the inhibited conflicts and perspectives to overcome and freeing the self from negativities and get the inner peace. It helps in getting the mental peace and satisfaction and helps in making the muscles strong and body toned (Studymoose, 2016). Here is the SWOT Analysis of the Yoga;


The regular yoga practice helps the individual in strengthening and empowering the body and soul. There are different moves and the exercise which change rigorously and inflexible bodies in the flexible ones and make the body stronger. It also helps in eliminating the pain, and many doctors prescribed such practices in the daily routine especially in mornings due to the concentration level on the individual parts of body. It makes the individual more energetic and active. Furthermore, it also seemed to be as the stress reliever and improves the relationship by keeping the mind cool and at peace (Marketing plan, 2018).


Yoga is not an easy practice to perform as it has many different and difficult moves that make the people to think twice before performing it that discourage people because yoga is psychologically, physically and spiritually challenging. Also, Yoga is an expensive practice as one cannot do it on its own; a trainer is required to help in performing the moves. It is not an effective practice if we are expecting an outcome in few days. Moreover, various moves and positions cannot be performed by every age group as few complex positions cannot be practiced by old people that prove to be harmful for their body (Intune body therapy, 2018).       


Thee individual needs to make sure to do the Yoga at the morning rather than some other time of the day because of its effectiveness. World is moving towards fitness and health, this can be beneficial for the fitness clubs.


Easy access to gymnasium and working out on machines has made people lazy to practice yoga and challenge themselves mentally and emotionally. Also, individual can do workout without a trainer so it is less costly compare to the yoga. Yoga should be practiced early in the morning with an empty stomach though in the 21st century the youth find it difficult to get up early. Few people believe that practicing yoga is a threat to their religion as it is initially introduced by Hindu community. One of the studies has found that yoga can cause musculoskeletal pain, more specifically in arms in 1 of the 10 participants (Intune body therapy, 2018).       


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