SWOT Analysis of J Crew

Following is the SWOT analysis of J Crew which is going to cover the strength weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The strengths and weaknesses are internal to the company whereas the opportunities and threats are externs. As a company J Crew can further increase their strengths, minimize weaknesses, exploit opportunities and overcome threats.
SWOT analysis is considered as a great tool for the companies who wants to review their current standing and formulate strategies accordingly.


• A number of labels introduced by J Crew such as Madewell have been hit in the consumer market since their start.

• The company has an extensive network of retail outlets exceeding 320 in number with more than thirteen thousand employees working to help the brand grow.

• J Crew makes use of multiple sales channels such as retail stores, online sales etc.

• J Crew has some highly famous brand loyalists such as the First Lady of the US.

• Each year a new catalog is issued by the company and more than 80 million copies are distributed showing the broad international presence of the brand (Five, 2012).

• Through its e-commerce website, J Crew ships to more than a100 destinations.


• J Crew has a limited presence in many parts of the world has yet to tap many attractive markets. There are no stores in many countries where other competitors have entered successfully (Thang, 2016).

• As the majority of the stores of J Crew are in the USA, currency fluctuations can raise the costs of shipping to other destinations.

• The general perception of J Crew in the market is that it is an expensive brand.

• Do not own any manufacturing facilities and rely solely on suppliers for their products. They do not have any long-term contracts with these suppliers as well.

• The baby clothing line of J Crew failed drastically causing financial losses to the company.


• J Crew has a limited presence in the international market. It can expand and enter into new international markets such as Europe and Asia. Even in Canada, it has a lot of opportunities to grow.

• It’s jewelry line is famous. It can expand this line to include special collections.

• It can begin the manufacturing of its own products and decrease the reliance on the suppliers for supplying the goods to be sold.

• J Crew is adding handbag salons and deluxe shoes into its existing stores to attract a broader range of customers.

• J Crew is working on opening specialty shops for kids, women, and men hoping to attract more business.


• Competitors such as Polo and Banana Republic offering better fashionable clothing at prices lower than J Crew.

• Fashion trends are rapidly evolving.

• The rising costs of production leading to increased selling cost by the suppliers of J Crew can lower the profits of the company.

• There has been a decrease in the spending of the consumers because the products of J Crew are in the category of discretionary purchases.

• As J Crew purchases mostly from foreign nations such as China, the fluctuations in the export policies of those nations can impact the foreign currency value of the country being purchased from.

• If the independent suppliers for J Crew make use of unethical business practices, it can impact the company.


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