SWOT Analysis of WNBA

The WNBA- Women’s National Basketball Association is the professional league of basketball in United States. Currently, there are twelve teams in the league. It was founded in 1996, as a counterpart of women to NBA- National Basketball Association. It started playing from 1997. Regular season for the league to play is from May till September and all Star games played in between throughout the season. It is one of the biggest platform for the women’s to play their best through WNBA and the organization provides the chance to talented people (WNBA, 2018). Here is the SWOT analysis of WNBA;


WNBA was founded in 1996, and in the short span of time became one of the most famous and successful women’s professional sports team leagues in United States. It is known to be the oldest qomen league of the country. League is the small counterpart to profitable NBA- National Basketball Association. This is the strength because of standing in the time’s test, and is able to increase the notoriety among the basketball fans. Because of its achievements, many partners and sponsors like Verizon, Nike, Adidas etc, are willing to work with WNBA (Little, 2018). 


Despite having the strengths, WNBA has many weaknesses. In 2015, the attendance of WNBA was recorded to be low as previous years. The decline has also been seen in the viewership of television on ESPN. The attendance in the regular season was found to be below average of 8000 people. Women are lacking in many physical capabilities which leads in lacking in dunks, fancy flying and tricks acts in the games which can help in captivating the interest of the audiences (Sharon, 2015).


There are many opportunities that needs to be avail by the WNBA in order to overcome the weakness. WNBA has the chance of availing the opportunities of unique marketing for reaching to the wider target audience. This will also help in increasing the viewership, fan engagement and attendance. WNBA also increase the revenue and profit streams through the networks, television, social media and streaming services. It can use the opportunity of latest trends of ticketing and reaching to the new audience. It should target the young audience and also initiate different games. Physical capabilities of the women should be improved by different motivational campaigns and events (Sharon, 2015).


There are many threats that WNBA needs to address. The players of WNBA may need to opt for playing in the other leagues in United States and outside the States because of potentiality they can receive to four or more times the salary of WNBA. Without the investment and financial support of NBA, to promote and market the athletes and the leagues, WNBA is in the domain of declining (Little, 2018).


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